Welcome To Phoenix Building Systems Ltd

Phoenix Building Systems are one of the UK’s largest independent providers of portable buildings. We offer a broad range of options to ensure we have a module to suit every single requirement, whether short or long term. As a family run business we believe in offering the best quality possible and catering for every need of our customers. You can always find great advice and the best solutions with us.

Modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular because of their low cost, ease of installation and incredible versatility. They are used on different sites all across the world, from acting as temporary classrooms to portable offices, modular accommodation and even changing rooms. With a broad range of different design options and modern manufacturing techniques you can get the perfect module to suit your needs.

At Phoenix Building Systems we have built many years of expertise and helped countless customers to get the perfect service. We have expert designers to help you get the perfect module, reliable drivers to provide flexible deliver and dedicated fitters to offer installation. All units are manufactured using the latest techniques and high quality materials. Quality checks are conducted throughout the manufacturing stage to ensure we hit the highest standards. We are so committed to quality that we offer a full 20 year warranty on all modules.

Once installed if you ever need any help with maintenance, want to adapt the structure or need to move it, we can help you. Phoenix Building Systems serves customers across the UK so you can always rely on us.

With modular buildings you get low cost construction, design flexibility and a much higher level of accessibility. If you have any questions or want to get started with a design of your own please contact Phoenix Building Systems. You can reach us by calling 01482 317260 or email sales@phoenxbuildingsystems.com. If you do choose email please remember to include details of your site and specifications.