Modular Laboratories


Modular Laboratories

As modular buildings have developed over the years, their versatility has proven excellent for a wide range of uses. Whether you are a school, university, hospital, or research facility, we can design and manufacture the perfect modular laboratory building for your needs. 

At Phoenix Building Systems, we offer contemporary, spacious, and hygienic laboratory facilities in various shapes, sizes and configurations. We make it easy for you to select a building that suits you and your students.

Why choose Phoenix?

  • Affordable and cost-effective

  • A greener form of construction

  • The highest quality of materials

  • A team of modular specialists

  • Enjoy our 20-year warranty

  • We’re an MPBA member

Building Examples


A selection of our buildings are available on long or short term hire and come with other hire options. Contact us for more details



We created Breeze to make choosing modular buildings for the education sector easier than ever. This light, bright, energy-efficient and eco-friendly range of modular buildings comes in a range of sizes and styles, allowing you to choose one that ticks all the right boxes and is guaranteed to bring a strong return on investment for many years to come. Ideal for everything from teaching spaces to receptions and training facilities, we’ve made the installation of modular buildings a Breeze!

Breeze 1

Off-the-shelf single-storey single classroom modular buildings

Breeze 2

Off-the-shelf single-storey double office modular buildings

Universal Units

A universal building that can be used for any application


Looking for something very specific and none of our existing modular buildings quite fit your vision? Don’t worry, as our team of specialists can design and install a modular building according to your precise needs and expectations.

Why bespoke?

  • 100% customised modular buildings

  • Fast turnaround and low prices

  • Designed around your unique needs

  • Comes with our 10-year warranty


We’re passionate about providing the highest quality of modular buildings to our customers across the education sector. That’s why all of our buildings come with a 20-year warranty that remains valid if the building has been maintained throughout this period. Our warranty covers the steel columns, side runners, floor joists, lattice roof beams and timber roof joints – if anything needs repairing or replacing, we’ll carry out the work free of charge.

  • A highly skilled team of modular building experts

  • Our specialists are always available for maintenance and can help you to adapt your building in the future

  • We’re an MPBA member and certified with Constructionline


We’ve created a portfolio of case studies that demonstrate the wide range of styles, layouts and applications of our modular buildings and portable buildings.