Marketing suites are used by housebuilders, property developers and estate agents to entice customers to explore what’s on offer. Needless to say, the key here is to create a warm, welcoming and inspiring environment that will give the visitor the peace of mind that your offering is right for them.

When it comes to new homes, it’s crucial that you sell the lifestyle that prospective homeowners can come to expect, which is why a marketing suite works hand in hand with a show home to turn curiosity into a contract.

Modular buildings are an excellent choice for marketing suites, as they offer multiple benefits:

  • Fast and stress-free process

  • Full customisation options

  • Low installation and energy costs

  • We can fit eye-catching branding and vinyl wraps

  • The building can be easily removed once all of the properties are sold


  • Affordable and cost-effective

  • A greener form of construction

  • The highest quality of materials

  • A team of modular specialists

  • Enjoy our 20-year warranty

  • We’re an MPBA member



Your marketing suite not only has to be modern and accessible, it also needs to reflect your brand and sell the dream of owning a brand new home. This means designing the interior and exterior so that it grabs attention, instantly conveys the right messages, provides an inviting space for visitors to explore your properties, and also fulfil the needs of your employees. To make this an even smoother process, we created the Breeze range of ultramodern and highly adaptable modular buildings that are guaranteed to turn heads and drive sales.


Looking for something very specific, such as a particularly large marketing suite, multiple units for numerous sites across the UK, or fittings and features that will maximise productivity and sales? Get in touch with our team to discuss our bespoke modular building service, which is entirely designed around your precise requirements and vision.


  • 100% customised modular buildings

  • Designed around your unique needs

  • Fast turnaround and low prices

  • Comes with our 20-year warranty


Marketing suites for new-build property developments are usually a temporary fixture. However, if you require a modular building for a long-term solution, whether it’s offices, storage, a security hut, a cycle hub or any other application, you’ll be pleased to hear that we offer a 20-year warranty as standard. This applies to all of our modular buildings, providing they’re maintained throughout this period, and covers the steel columns, side runners, floor joists, lattice roof beams and timber roof joints. If anything needs repairing or replacing, we’ll carry out the work free of charge.

  • We’re a highly skilled team of modular building experts

  • Our specialists are always available for maintenance and can help you to adapt your building in the future

  • We’re an MPBA member and certified with Constructionline


We’ve created a portfolio of case studies that demonstrate the wide range of styles, layouts and applications of our modular buildings and portable buildings.