Steel Frame Buildings

At Phoenix Building Systems Ltd we specialise in temporary building facilities. As a national company ran by a close knit family, we get all our values from what we have been taught in house. Our products have proved useful for a range of different uses including portable offices, buildings and welfare facilities.

Each of these has a maximum of 3 levels that can be created for work use. From the inside they look like any other building you will enter with professional fittings and fixings making it difficult to tell the difference between these and permanent buildings.

The focus is on creating something that has exactly what you want from ideas you have come up with. Our experience of delivering buildings of high quality is unrivalled in the modular building industry. We want to help all our customers take advantage of what off-site construction can provide and let them benefit as much as possible. We can only offer such a great service because of how many years we have dedicated to trying to perfect our services and aim to continue improving into the future.

Our goal has always been to create temporary or steel frame buildings that are as much like traditional buildings as possible. This means the external cladding options we offer are similar with brick being a popular choice. This helps to give it a homely feel and the roof options of tiled or pitched bring it all together. Just as important as the products are the techniques used to apply them.

Most uniquely created prefabricated building takes advantage of the modern modular design. These have no axles or frame so everything can be transported much easy than manufactured homes. You are always welcome to talk to our friendly team about the options you have available to you. This can be about layout and design to how long the installation process will take. We keep the client informed as much as possible on every project so whatever it is you are looking for, get in touch today and start discussing. Call us on 01482 317260 any time you have the time to talk.