Jackleg Cabins

The Phoenix Building Services catalogue would not be complete without the addition of the ever so useful and convenient jackleg cabins or portable units. Also known as “knock-down” buildings, for their usually temporary uses, these are quite a popular option when shelter, privacy, and quick accommodation are a necessity.

You might have seen them at festivals, or other large events acting as shelter, changing areas, or toilet and shower rooms facilities. This is an example of how this product can be customisable to whatever your needs may be. They are built off-site to the specifications you have chosen, and then delivered ready to be installed in the area you have designated.

This product lends itself to a variety of uses, from small offices, gatehouses, meeting places, marketing suites, to even additional classrooms in schools. They are a cost effective and reliable solution wherever it is needed.

There are various sizes available, the largest being 60 x 12 feet, and come in a variety of styles and colours, making them suitable for any occasion. Their portability is by far their greatest quality. It allows for the cabin to be moved as often as necessary with the use of a lorry for safe transportation.

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