Modular Buildings

Modular buildings offer several advantages over other types of structure, from their low construction costs to increased mobility and design flexibility. They are a cheap solution to spatial issues and can be reconditioned and refitted if your needs change in the future. With an incredible array of design options you can get the perfect unit to match any need.


Phoenix Building Solutions is one of the UK’s leading providers of modular buildings. With years of experience and a commitment to customer service it is easy to see how we have built such a great reputation. We have a range of options and dedicated designers on staff to help you get a building that meets your exact specifications.

With Phoenix you can choose single, double or triple storey modules to suit your spatial requirements. We offer Spaceframe and stackable systems to meet your specifications. Units can be interconnected to create a large open space or separated to offer individual areas perfect for offices or changing rooms. Our modules have been used for everything from classrooms to training centres, accommodation to dining facilities.

The biggest advantage of working with Phoenix Building Systems is our flexibility when it comes to internal spaces. All of our modules are multi-purpose and can easily be reconfigured. Internal layouts are easy to adapt and all fittings can be removed and interchanged. Each unit becomes a long term investment when you consider how easy they are to adapt.

All of our modular buildings are delivered to site prefabricated to offer fast installation. They fit easily into prepared foundations and are ready for connection to water, gas and electric mains. As soon as this is done they are habitable and ready to go.

If you would like to know more about what Phoenix Buildings has to offer please call us personally at 01482 317260. We are always happy to answer queries and help customers to get the perfect building for their needs.