Timber Frame Buildings

Portable buildings are, in essence, buildings that are purposely built to be movable and are not designed to be permanently located. Modern designs of such buildings are often referred to as modular buildings, but modular buildings can be made to be a little more permanent. Portable buildings are slightly different as they are generally used on a temporary basis and taken away at a later date. Most modern portable buildings are specifically designed so they can be carried to or from a site on a large lorry, or by means of a crane.

At Phoenix Building Systems we are a highly regarded family run nationwide distributor of high quality modular buildings. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the modular building industry, and we supply the UK with timber framed buildings, steel frame buildings, bespoke modular buildings, portable classrooms, offices, suites and cabins, marketing suites plus much more.

Our wide range of modular buildings are not only perfect as small classrooms, accommodation, guard shacks, on-site changing rooms and rural offices. The buildings can also be used and expanded to form large office blocks for example, and they can be incorporated with fine quality fixings and fittings. They are designed to incorporate everything you may need in a traditional permanent building; however they are often a much more convenient and money saving option than erecting a permanent building.

Our timber frame buildings are high quality and built to last. They can include a range of exterior claddings such as brick or timber cladding, and they can also include either tiled or pitched roofs – depending on your specific requirements. The external finish of the structure can be enhanced with the optional addition of a pitched and tiled roof. We can also fit alternative rooms to meet specific needs, and the addition rooms will help to create a practical and pleasant working environment.

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