Portable Units

Phoenix Building Systems provide a wide range of portable modular buildings, helping people to solve their spatial issues and offering additional mobility benefits at the same time. We are a long standing company with a fantastic reputation for quality buildings, flexible designs and incredible customer service. When you need a temporary or permanent building we have the perfect solution for you.

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Portable units are incredibly affordable and come in a wide variety of styles. You can choose from single storey units, double or triple stackable, jackleg or portable cabins. A variety of sizes is also available, from our smallest 9ft x 9ft to the largest 60ft x 12ft. If you need a unique size we can alter an existing unit or create a bespoke one for you from scratch.

Portable units can easily become a long term investment thanks to their versatility and the ability to recondition and reconfigure them. You can choose fittings and internal layouts to suit your needs and make any changes you need in the future. A portable office can easily be changed into a dining area, a changing room or storage.

The biggest advantage of these units is they can be moved very easily so the whole layout of your site can change if need be. Unlike other modules they require very little foundation work and can be positioned almost anywhere on site. They are commonly used on construction sites and other locations where permanent buildings are inappropriate.

At Phoenix Building Systems we offer a special range of durable units specifically for use in the construction and plant hire industries.


Phoenix Building Systems offers modules for hire and to purchase outright so there is an option to suit every budget. Our experienced designers can help you get the perfect solution for your site. Reliable drivers offer delivery and fitters can get you set up on site in no time.

To learn more about the advantages of portable units please speak to the experts. You can reach us at 01482 317260 or by emailing sales@phoenxbuildingsystems.com. Phoenix is synonymous with quality, affordability and customer care.